Area: 4440.765 (1715 sq.mi.)

Population: 181383 (as of 2005)

Density: 41/ (106/sq.mi.)

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Amfikaia Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Anessis Hotel
Category: 2**
Anixis Hotel
Category: 2**
Asklipios Hotel
Category: 4****
Asteria Hotel
Category: 2**
Astir Hotel
Category: 2**
Athina Hotel
Category: 3***
Bay Holiday Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Bay Holiday
Dadi Archontiko Parnassou Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Dadi Archontiko Parnassou
Economos Silver Bay Hotel & Furnished Apts
Category: 4****
Economos Silver Bay
Elena Hotel
Category: 2**
Ena Hotel
Category: 2**
Fthia Hotel
Category: 3***
Galini Hotel
Category: 5*****
Ktima Karassou Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Ktima Karassou
Kyriaki Traditional Hotel
Category: A'CLASS
Levendi B Hotel
Category: 4****
Levendi B
Lux Hotel
Category: 2**
Panorama Hotel
Category: 1*
Persephoni Hotel
Category: 2**
Phoenix Hotel
Category: 2**
Rex Hassioti Hotel
Category: 2**
Rex Hassioti
Rex Politi Hotel
Category: 2**
Rex Politi
Samaras Hotel
Category: 3***
Sissy Hotel
Category: 3***
To Neon Hotel
Category: 2**
To Neon
Tsamantanis Hotel
Category: 2**
Venezuela Camping
Category: C'CLASS
Violetta Hotel
Category: 3***

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Phthiotis is a part of central Greece embracing the inlet of the Aegean Sea. To get to the destination travelers are advised to fly to the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport which is located in 117 miles from the place. Then tourists may choose among regular buses or car renting service. An excellent road network and road signs will take you to the cities of Phthiotis within an hour.

Phthiotis is a great place to rest and recreate as well as learn the culture, history and traditions of Greece. The destination offers great variety of hotels from the most luxurious accommodations to cozy family owned motels. Tourists recommend Hotel Violetta (Karmena Vourla) to stop in. This is a modern 4 star hotel offering its clients a cozy comfort in the center of the city. The hotel is located close to the beach. Friendly atmosphere and helpful service around the clock will sufficiently add to your rest.

Mistis Gallini Wellness and SPA is one of the most luxurious resorts in Karmena Vourla. The hotel offers direct access to a private beach and thermal waters coming right from the mountains. The hotel area features numerous family friendly facilities as well as lounge zones and entertainment areas.

The climate of the Phthiotis destination is rather mild and is determined by the proximity of mountains and sea. The average annual temperatures fluctuate from 9C to 17C in spring and autumn. Summer temperatures reach 23-27C. he invasion of the hot season starts after the third week of May. January is the coldest month of the year with critically low temperatures reaching -2.

The destination is also known for its cultural and historical sights. Tourists will discover the Thermopylae Museum, amazing Leonidas Monument, Spring of Thermopylae, Bread Museum of Amfiklia. The cities of Phthiotis are located close to each other, so tourists will easily travel from one destination to another within the shortest while.
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